You can find general questions regarding micro-pumps and micro-valves here. If your question is not among them, please contact us via email or phone to find a solution!

You can find an overview of our standard products on this homepage. If you cannot find an appropriate item or if no item matches your request precisely, please send us a detailed request.We need at least below technical data to suggest a matching product:

  • What is the measurement/size request?
  • What is the rated operation voltage?
  • What is your free flow request?
  • What is the maximum pressure to be applied?
  • Which medium should be moved?
  • What is the function of pump/valve in final application?

To make a concrete quotation, we also need to know the quantity you are looking for.

Our product range includes air pumps, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps, electromagnetic pumps and the matching valves – all in miniature format.  When you click on “Products” on this homepage, you can see all of our standard products and read through the detailed information. All specifications are summarized on the according technical data sheets and the CAD-file will help you to realize the production of your product.

With CAD-files, you can construct 3D versions of a product via IT-computing. We supply our CAD-files to develop your product with our pumps or valves. A special program on your computer is the precondition to download the file.

You can find detailed information about our items on the technical data sheets. They include a drawing with measurements of the product and a chart to visualize the flow at a certain pressure and time. Further, the value of voltage, noise, flow, current, life time, exit velocity, leakage and pressure/vacuum are indicated.

The value of flow indicates, which quantity of a medium flows through the pump or valve during a specific time. This value is usually stated in millilitre per minute.

The life time of pumps /valves depend on the operation environment and the load. On average, you can assume a life time of 30,000 cycles or 10,000 hours. All our products have to pass through a life time test. We can give you this information on request.

An elastic diaphragm made of rubber (for example EPDM) is moved up and down through an eccentric. The medium (liquid or gas) is beeing sucked in because of the occuring hollow space during the upward stroke. During the downward stroke, the medium is beeing pressed out of the pump head through the diaphragm via the outlet valve. Since the medium chamber and the pump motor are separated by the diaphragm, the medium is moved totally pure.

A solenoid valve controls the flow of a medium (liquid or gas) with an electromagnet. Our valves differ in “normal open“ and „normal closed“ – the valve is either open or closed via the integrated pressure spring as long as it is switched off and is the moved by the motor.

Do you have further questions?

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