Our pump KPM32A-6C is a micro air pump, which is used for the motion of gases. They are characterized by their high reliability and performance with small size of approx. 54,5 x 33,0 mm. They operate at DC 6.0V voltage with max. current 800 mA and have a free flow of more than 3200 ml/min at 0-350 mmHg pressure while the noise is maximum 65 dB (A) and the lifetime is 500 hours. The pumps are used in medical industry, for example in inhalators, but also in household applications, in printers, in automotive industry or massage therapy.  You can find further information on the corresponding technical data sheet and/or CAD-file.

DC 6.0Vair>3200 ml/min
0-350 mmHg

Note: To compare all our micro air pumps, you can look at our chart here.

  • data sheet
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