Our valves KSV2WA-6D are micro valves, which are used to control the flow of gases and liquids. They are characterized by their high reliability and performance with small size of approx. 20,0 x 16,0 x 14,0 mm. They operate at DC 6.0V voltage. Exhaust speed from 300 mmHg to 15 mmHg in a 500-ml container is less than 4 seconds while leakage is less than 5 mmHg/min. The maximum current is 375 mA at 16 Ω resistance while the lifetime is 30,000 cycles for these “normal-close” valves.

The valves are used in medical industry, for example in blood pressure measurements, patient monitors or in massage therapy. You can find further information on the corresponding technical data sheets.

voltagetypeexhaust speedpressure
DC 6.0Vnormal closeless than 4 seconds
300 mmHg

Note: To compare all our micro valves, you can look at our chart here.

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